Signia Silk

29 November 2017

Audiology technology leader Sivantos presents an entirely new product category at the 61st International Congress of Hearing Care Professionals EUHA in Hannover:

Signia Silk – the smallest CIC (completely-in-canal) in-the-ear hearing aid that fits comfortably and straightaway in most ears. Two innovations make this possible: the hearing aid technology primax, which fits in the smallest in-the-ear devices despite its vast performance range, as well as the specially developed “Click Sleeve™“. The silicon sleeve softly envelops the hearing aids and enables them to sit perfectly in most ear canals. Silk simultaneously combines several advantages that are highly important to first-time wearers. Not only are the tiny hearing aids extremely discreet, they are also immediately ready for wearers to test and take home.

With the new Signia Silk, Sivantos is targeting first-time users of hearing aids. They almost always want hearing aids that are as invisible as possible, which is why they tend to favor in-the-ear solutions. Many potential users have been deterred from acquiring a hearing aid by previously necessary waiting times for individually produced hearing aids as well as uncertainty about whether the devices will be appropriate for them.

Innovative “Click Sleeve™” for high wearer comfort

Silk is so small that the “Click Sleeve™” can be attached. This sleeve is made of soft silicone and was developed exclusively for Silk. It is available in six variants to ensure that Silk fits most ear canals and hearing loss types. It attaches with a single click, envelops the actual hearing aid to the greatest possible extent and can be supplied with or without small openings – for open or closed fitting. Thanks to the soft silicone sleeve, Silk hearing aids can be placed not only very deeply and therefore especially discreetly in the ear canal, they also sit safely and comfortably and are hardly noticeable to the wearer.

Рrimax platform for top performance in a miniature casing

Silk is based on the primax platform introduced early this year and enables top performance despite the small size of the housing. Silk wearers benefit from excellent speech understanding and reduced listening effort, which has been proven clinically. In addition, these small CIC hearing aids can be operated discreetly and remotely with a smartphone app and – using the easyTek accessory – can connect wirelessly with other electronic communication and entertainment devices.

Advantages for hearing care professionals and Silk wearers

Silk inaugurates a new product category. It provides advantages for the hearing care professional and for the wearer. With this innovative solution, the hearing care professional can fulfill the customer’s wish for unobtrusive hearing aids that do not have to be individually ordered for each customer. Customers can use Silk straightaway. From day one, they benefit from the advantages that Signia hearing aids with primax are renowned for.

Signia Silk is available in three performance classes – 3px, 5px and 7px – and is suitable for the alleviation of slight, moderate and severe hearing loss.