Care Products

  Care Products for earmold and hearing aids.

Hearing aids more than other devices which we use every day in life, exposed to the negative influence of external factors. he moisture, ear wax, dust, sweat, temperature extremes – the eternal companion of each hearing aid. Over time, their impact can prevesti damage to vehicles. The experience gained by experts in the industry for more than 100 years, allowed to create a range of simple and effective to use devices that make use of hearing aids as convenient as possible, regardless of the operating environment.


 Providing adequate protection and personal hygiene, they can significantly increase the service life of vehicles. These tools belong to the care the following devices: – Tank to dry the hearing instruments and the individual earmold. – Special tablets to dry the SA. – Tank for washing earmold. – Special tablets for washing and disinfection of the ear tabs. – Special disinfectant wipes and cleaners for daily cleansing hearing aids and earmold. – And other devices.