Individual earmold for BTE models

Individual earmold is integral and is apparently the most important accessory for BTE. It provides a connection device with the ear canal, delivering the amplified audio signal to the ear. Fabricated such tabs on a cast member’s ear canal to allow for anatomical features, respectively, provide comfortable wearing a hearing aid, its a secure fit and a clear signal without distortion and feedback (whistling).

In our laboratory, otoplasty, you will be able to order the production of the tabs in a draft 3 hours without an overpayment for speed.

Individual ear tabs of solid material – 230 UAH.

Individual ear of a soft material – 350 UAH.

Internally, the channel and internally ear hearing aids day-to-day.

These models fit entirely in the ear canal user, who needs the manufacture of individual housing to take account of the anatomical features of the ear canal client.

We can offer rapid production of hulls for such models, allowing you to get ready for the hearing aid and start using them in the day of the first visit to us.