BATTERY zinc air hearing aid.
  Now on the market represented different brands and manufacturers of batteries for hearing instruments. In this section, we will provide users with summary information about the zinc-air battery, its universal dimensions, instructions for use, as well as other useful information.

Battery size for SA.

In total there are 4 universal battery size:
Number 13 and number 675 are used BTE models
Number 10 and number 312 is often used in miniature models of ITE.

For better recognition of the size of each battery was appropriated number and color:

Number 10 – Yellow;
Number 312 – Brown;
Number 13 – Orange;
Number 675 – Blue

   Activating the batteries.
   To the batteries work longer they must be correctly activated. Before initial use of a battery is necessary to remove the sticker, after it to soak for 3 minutes before using. This will allow the active zinc mixture to react with oxygen, so pick up the battery a full charge. Otherwise significantly reduce the time it works.
   Storage batteries.
   that used batteries work longer should comply with such rules:
– Avoid prolonged exposure to both low and high temperatures;
– Do not store batteries in areas with high humidity;
– No need to keep close to the battery source different radiation;
– Avoid coming into contact with metal objects (eg, coins and keys.);
– Do not try to charge the battery;
– Open the battery compartment of the hearing instrument when taking it at night;
– If you do not plan to use the hearing instrument for a long time, reach for the battery from the device;
– Take out the battery by using special capsules for CA drying.