Audiometer  SIEMENS SD 270 


The Siemens SD 270 is a very compact audiometer and has the flexibility to be used for both clinic and portable applications. Furthermore, SD 270 have built in memory to store up to 12 patienrs test results. Later You can connect audiometer to the special smal size printer for data printout, or via USB connector to Your PC and store patient data under NOAH. The lightweight carrying case is designed to accommodate the audiometer and accessories.
With this audiometr You can perform Air, bone and speech audiometry.
Stimulus tones: pure tone, continuous, pulsed and warble tones.

Range of clinical test: SISI, STENGER, ABLB, SAL.
Frequency range for AC: 125-8kHz, and for BC: 250Hz-8kHz.
Output level range AC: -10dBHL to 120dBHL (max), BC: -10dBHL to 70dBHL (max).
Masking: continuous narrowband or broadband noise signal.

Standart accessories for audiometer are Headset, Bone conductor, Patient response, Power supply adapter, carrying case.
Optionap: special printer , printer connection wire.

Description. Siemens SD 270 is the diagnostic, high-tech audiometer with magnificent ergonomics and high functionality.

Technologies. Digital technologies allowed to unite a large number of various, clinical tests in this device. The expert has a wide choice of various modes.

Ergonomics. All elements of management of a vysokofunktsionalna are also “logically” clear. The high-speed processor instantly transfers the image to the liquid crystal display which is located under an optimum angle to the expert.

Ease of operation. Optimization of elements of management, including “rotational” regulators, allow to save research time without diagnostics decline in quality. All data can be kept in memory of the device, or are printed. If necessary these audiometriya can be transmitted for programming of hearing aids through the NOAH interface.

Portability. Siemens SD 270 is an easy, portable, convenient audiometer with a totality of necessary tests and magnificent output characteristics. The safety margin put in it will allow to use with success it for reception of a large number of patients. At the same time the small weight and convenient dimensions will make it irreplaceable at exit inspections or in work private the ENT SPECIALIST of structures.

The special bag case will protect the device when transporting.

Standard complete set

Earphones of the class TDH 39

Bone phone with ogolovy

Button of the answer of the patient

Blanca Audiogramm (50 pieces in Russian)

The instruction of operation (in Russian)

Food adapter

The integrated source of bilateral communication

Bag case

Additional accessories

Intra ear loudspeakers

The interface for connection of NOAH

The printer with a cable


Ogolovye with the loudspeaker for the patient

Blanca Audiogramm

The loudspeaker for masking with a cable