What type hearing instrument I need?

Our hearing is complex and multi-level mechanism. For have results not enough to gain. It is first necessary to determine the specificity of hearing loss in each case, for which the next user must audiometric examination.

According to the results, expert taking into account the wish of the user will be able to offer specific models of hearing aids that can effectively compensate for the hearing loss.

In our centers in Kiev, this procedure is free of charge, allowing anyone interested to check hearing and get expert advice on possible solutions to the issue of hearing loss. 

Please note that a typical consultation takes at least 40 minutes, we recommend accordingly to contact us and make an appointment.


Modern hearing aids Siemens is a rather complicated device, essentially a microcomputer, which coordinates the robot more than 30 sound processing systems/

Each of which is responsible for correct and comfortable strengthening various sounds in a different situation.

The high technical level of Siemens hearing instruments enables the specialist to flexibly and accurately to adapt the hearing aid, taking into account all features of the smallest loss of the patient’s hearing.