The new Ace. Hearing at its best.
So tiny, the secret is all yours


A touching remark, softly spoken; confidence guaranteed. So small that it’s all but unnoticeable behind your ear, the new Ace™ hearing instrument delivers every word with optimal sound quality. So you can enjoy every moment with complete assurance. Even a whisper. The secret’s all yours.


Enjoyment all around.
The most discreet hearing instrument in its class, Ace packs an incredible hearing experience into a tiny package. Sitting unobtrusively behind your ear, it lets you savor every moment with complete confidence.
Designed to learn and remember your hearing preferences in all situations, Ace senses ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself, filtering out unwanted noise to deliver optimum sound quality that’s so natural, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. Wherever you are – and wherever it’s coming from – you can enjoy the sound of life – just the way you want it.

Enjoy life’s true sound. 
To give you the most natural hearing possible, Ace is equipped with the newest version of BestSound™ . Technology, a complete revolution in audiological engineering that delivers such a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility, you’re likely to forget you’re wearing it.
For many people wearing a hearing instrument for the first time, some sounds can seem too loud or harsh.

BestSound Technology’s.
Enhanced functionality tailors the sound experience exactly the way you want to hear, right from the start, by adjusting the sound to a level that feels natural for you so that you can enjoy hearing effortlessly. Great for experienced users and first-time wearers alike, Ace learns and acclimatizes automatically, memorizing how you like to hear in different environments and adjusts when it detects those situations again. And with its directional microphone, you’ll hear what’s important, comfortably and clearly, no matter where sound is coming from.
The more experienced you become, the more Ace grows with you, offering additional functions such as more power, user-definable settings and directionality. So wherever you are, whether it’s a noisy street or a quiet dinner for two, you can enjoy the sound of life.

Tinnitus noiser.
The ideal option for people who want to control tinnitus, Ace helps manage the condition at the same time as improving hearing. By emitting a noise signal that can be precisely set to suit you, it diverts attention from the annoying effects of tinnitus and makes it easier to focus on external sounds, reducing strain and helping provide a more peaceful state of mind.

miCon Technologies.

Siemens hearing aids are presented on a new platform, which has three technological levels: 3mi, 5mi, 7mi. Basic audio processing system relating to each of complete sets are shown in the table below. More detailed information you can find in section  Technology

Tech level 7mi (This systems not available for  5mi and 3mi tech levels)
  Siemens-Icon_TV   Accessories SIEMENS 
+ Signal processing  48 chanels and 20 chanels compression
  Strimer EasyTek >>>
+ 48 chanels derection microphones  


+ Extended frequency range up to 12 kHz
+ 7 levels noise reduction  
+ Sound Equalizer detect 6 difrent qcustic situation
+ Binaural Narrow derectionality
Tech level 5mi (This systems not available for 3mi, but use in 7mi)  
+ Signal processing  32 chanels and 16 chanels compression
  Remote control EasyPocket >>>
+ 32 chanels derection microphones   Siemens-Icon_dining


+ 5 levels noise reduction  
+ Sound Equalizer detect 3 difrent qcustic situation
+ Sound Brilliance
+ 3-х levels Sound Smoothing system
+ 3-х levels eWindScreen systems
+ Speech Focus
  Siemens-Icon_music eCharg >>>
+ TrueEar
+ Aclimatization Manager
Tech level 3mi (this technology also use in 5mi and 7mi)   Siemens-Icon_crowds
+ Signal processing  24 chanels and 12 chanels compression
+ 24 chanels derection microphones  
+ e2e wierles system synchronizat 2 hearing instrument in one binoural system
+ Speech and Noice
+ Sound Equalizer
  Battaries Siemens >>>
+ 6 hearing programs
  Siemens-Icon_weddings batareyki_simens
+ eWindScreen 2.0.
+ Data Logging
+ Tinituis Noiser
+ Feedback Cancelation
+ Soft Level derectivity




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